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Family Therapy

Give Grace Counseling, LLC provides family therapy in order to assist families to be the best they can be. Give Grace Counseling, LLC strives to ensure all family members feel heard and supported during sessions.

Co-Parenting/Reconciliation counseling
When adults are no longer in a romantic relationship but share children, efforts to raise vibrant children together can become strained by hostile communication or by no communication at all. Often, these families turn to therapy as a last resort or by court order. Specialized Family Therapy includes Co-Parenting Counseling or Reconciliation Counseling. Co-Parenting Counseling assists parents in overcoming custody-related issues and learning to co-parent effectively with the children’s best interest as the main focus. Reconciliation Counseling is useful when parents have been estranged from their families due to incarceration, military deployment, abuse, or high levels of parental animosity.

The requirements for co-parent and reconciliation counseling are as follows:

  • Co-parent counseling is a collaborative process, thus both parents must be willing to attend sessions together and communicate about their child.
  • Both parents must have the best interests of their child/children as the reason for attending co-parent counseling. 
  • Co-parent counseling requires that both parents sign releases of information to each other, as well as any and all legal parties involved.
  • If co-parent counseling is court ordered, a copy of the order must be shared with the clinician prior to setting up the first appointment so that the clinician can determine if the case is an appropriate fit.
  • Co-parent counseling is not a covered insurance benefit and is considered an out-of-pocket expense. Prior to scheduling the first session, both parents must agree to who is responsible for payment. Often, but not always, this information is documented in the court order. Payment is due in full at the time of service.  

Co-parent & Reconciliation counseling can address:

  • Development of effective methods of communicating
  • Involvement of a new step-parent
  • Re-involvement of biological parent
  • Education about factors which lead to positive post-divorce adjustment
  • Making changes to the parenting plan
  • Dealing with differences in child-rearing philosophies and practices
  • Learning how to avoid conflict and putting the children “in the middle”
  • Developing respectful approaches to decision making and problem-solving regarding the children
  • Discipline and rules for the children
  • Gaining a renewed sense of well-being and healing
  • Learning to trust and feel comfortable with the parent that has been absent.
  • Co-parent and reconciliation counseling typically involves a series of weekly or bi-weekly sessions, and with improvement, may only occur once a month.
  • It will involve both parents and possibly current partners or children, if appropriate.”
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Individual Therapy

Give Grace Counseling, LLC provides individual therapy for a variety of struggles. Give Grace Counseling, LLC hopes clients are able to find a safe and non-judgmental space in order to process through struggles and to find a new sense of equilibrium.



Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy is an evidence-based, scientifically-validated treatment that seeks to reprocess and shift the storage of unresolved traumatic memories so beneficial brain functioning can be restored (allowing your mind to sort through them, discard what is not helpful, and keep what is useful).